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The Ultimate Guide

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Step 1 : Sign in to your account

Step 2 : Download the plugin Assets4Breakdance (see next section)

Step 3 : Install the plugin on your website. This is the website where you plan to integrate the assets.

Step 4 : Go to the Assets page and click on the COPY SECTION button to copy the section

Step 5 : Go to your website, open a Breakdance page, and press CTRL V to paste the copied section

Asset4Breakdance plugin

Why this plugin is needed?

The main reason is for the GSAP code.

As for now, the Assets4Breakdance plugin contains 3 new elements :

GSAP Block : a Code Block to write your own GSAP code. More info :

Supa Transform 3D : Turn any content into a 3D box. More info :

Supa Box : The Breakdance version of the SuperBox element from Oxygen Builder. More info :


Change images

Images are NOT transferred into your server. They are still linked from the ASSETSFORWP server. Even if most of them are AI generated, so they are free to used, you still have to transfert or use your own images from your own servers.

Good Practice

Custom CSS

If you want to avoid the FOUC effect, you can copy the custom CSS to a stylesheet.

External files

To be able to share some elements, some files (JS and CSS) are sometimes loaded from a CDN, via a Code Block.
If you don't want to use a CDN, you will have to remove the <script> tag and host them locally instead.