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Vertical Sliders

While Breakdance currently does not offer a built-in option for creating vertical sliders, there’s no need to worry. You can still achieve this functionality with a bit of custom coding. This method can transform horizontal sliders into vertical ones, and it’s compatible with all elements, including Slider elements, Gallery elements, and Post loop elements.
The key requirement is that you set up a height for these elements.

A vertical slider made with the Gallery element, and an aspect ratio of 1:1

How about a continuous looping scrolling vertical slider, using the Gallery element?

Slide 1

The quick, brown, classic rose, and bossanova fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Slide 2

The quick, brown, bizarre, and thunderbird fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Slide 3

The quick, brown, charlotte, and red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Also works with the Basic Slider element!

And of course the Advanced Slider element

Put anything you want in a slide.

Breakdance Ai Logo1

Advanced Slider

Advanced Slider

Breakdance Ai Logo5